Month: February 2018

Last year I paid $10,000 to join a Mastermind Group. Almost 50 of us, we meet quarterly for intense 2-day sessions. After the first one I attended in Chicago, I started bringing my son John. He sits there, all day long and takes it all in. He works on his business, his motivation, his productivity, […]

The Dow Jones was down a devilish 666 points on Friday. Then it descended another 1,175 points on Monday – the largest nominal drop in history. A lot of people got really scared. It was looking down 500+ points to start Tuesday morning and significant “crash” fear was in the air across the globe. However, […]

This is my new YouTube yoga channel – at least the one that I’m doing each morning before just about anything else. I can’t explain why I like Adriene so much. When I do her sessions I’m not continually jumping up and pausing the video to see how much longer I have left. She’s so […]