Mastermind Groups – Age 12+

Last year I paid $10,000 to join a Mastermind Group.

Almost 50 of us, we meet quarterly for intense 2-day sessions.

After the first one I attended in Chicago, I started bringing my son John.

He sits there, all day long and takes it all in. He works on his business, his motivation, his productivity, and his mindset like all the adults in the room.

Funny. In Orlando last week, during the intro of the first meeting the guy sitting next to him passed the mic over John to me, thinking or assuming that John wasn’t a participant.

The video above came at the end. That’s the part where we stand up and declare what lofty goal we’ll have achieved by the next meeting.

John is shooting to have his book Kid Trillionaire: How Little Kids Can Make a Big Fortune totally done by mid-May.

It’s going to take a lot of work!