The Latimers’ KID WARPLAN

You WILL be AMAZED by this couple – Ashlee and Josh Latimer. You’ll hear their backstory and all about their Kid WarPlan (which I have already ordered for my family).

Also you’ll discover:

  • how a high school football coach and pizza set Josh down the entrepreneurial path
  • how they went from living in a trailer park and over-working to liberating business success!
  • the epiphany the Latimers took from their biz and deployed at home to CHANGE EVERYTHING
  • the unique “lending bank” and garage sale moment that skyrocketed their 7 year old son to not just a profitable business, but to a profitable “exit” by age 8
  • why they moved to Costa Rica and battled grande BUGS and caliente weather
  • what are “certificates of good deeds”
  • about their family “manifesto”, family swag, special days (and songs!) for each of their 5 kids…
  • the risk of S.M.OG. to your kids
  • and so much more!

Here’s the link again – KidWarPlan.