Launch Your Kids with the EINSTEIN BLUEPRINT™!

PLUS 9 INSANE Bonuses!

Here's The Pillar Content You Start With: 
THE 500 page Blueprint!
  • The ULTIMATE educational curriculum - the one you and I WISH we were raised on. Because if we had....our entire lives would be different!
  • Distilled wisdom from the most ingenious, courageous, and successful people to have graced the Earth.
  • Almost 500 pages of trajectory-altering NUCLEAR content that you will read, re-read, digest, and consult for years to come.
  • ​120 modules DIRECTIVES that are SCIENTIFICALLY GUARANTEED to unleash every single ounce of your kids' full potential.
 The 500 page EB Update!
  • For three years after the launch of the Blueprint, I published 12-page strategic EB UPDATES for my inner circle and beta group of ambitious parents.
  • They were DEEP DIVES into the most critical areas, e.g. FEAR, LOVE, FEET, HUMOR, WORK, DRUGS, PRACTICE, the BRAIN, PROPAGANDA, and so much more!
  • These UPDATES are so powerful, that I still re-read them, my very own writing, regularly!
  • ​They will give you the tools to overpower cancer, heal trauma, change careers, think and ACT big-ly, escape the "collective", leap from rags-to-riches, reinvent yourselves, and so much more!
  • BTW, they are laced with my  irreverent, inimitable HUMOR. Stay close to the loo because you may pee yo' pants!  
 The 500 page EB Journey!
  • Brand NEW in 2022! 
  • ​FULL COLOR, Pictorial tag-along with us through the years.
  • Better than any words or video at HIGHLIGHTING the breadth, depth, and abundance of educating your kids on the Einstein Blueprint.
  • A font, a gusher, and a gold mine of INVALUABLE get you excited and others onboard (*if necessary).
Patsy Miley,
Los Angeles, CA
"No words can explain how grateful I am to God for bringing your family into our path. I frequently thank my husband for trusting my decision to invest in the EB. Best investment ever!!!"
Katie and Ty Weitzel,
"We never would’ve pushed this hard without your guidance and example. We can truly say that you’ve changed the trajectory of our lives when it comes to educating our kids."

Before we get to the 9 INSANE BONUSES...Let Me Ask You THE MOST IMPORTANT Question:

What KIND of Kids Do You REALLY Want to Raise?

Voracious Readers?

Prolific Writers?

Public Speakers?

World Travelers?


Hustling Entrepreneurs?

Math Geniuses?





Chess Champions?

Of course you want to raise EXTREMELY Well-Rounded Kids like my wife and I have.

But how can YOU, how do YOU do that? 

It's simple, you MODEL SUCCESS, as Tony Robbins teaches:

"If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results."

That's right. All you have to do to unleash your kids' full potential is...

Model what we have, and my EB clients, have already done.

Use EB resources. Deploy EB strategies. Live by EB Rules. Etc.

Tony is an amazing guy, the "world's greatest teacher" in my opinion.

However, he can't help you get your kids reading thousands of books. 

He can't show you how to turn your kids into chess champions, launch a podcast, write books,...etc.

You need my help and the full Einstein Blueprint for that.

In addition to the Pillar EB 1,500 pages....The OG EB, the EB Updates, and the mind-blowing EB Journey you are going to wantneed, get, and LOVE:
EB Math Academy 
  • 6 MONTHS of LIVE online multi-age, math classes with Dan the "Million Dollar Math Teacher"! 
  • 60 minutes, 6 days per week!
  • That's nearly 25 hours every month!
  • This obviates the need for ANY other math instruction and will get yours hyper-accelerated YEARS ahead of normal!
  • ​WARNING - I do not use the methods that I used to moonshot my own son to algebra at age 5 and calculus at age 8. In fact, the MAD MATH NINJA methods I use and have for YOU today are sooooo much better!
Kids Get Rich Club 
  • 1-Year Full Membership: Vault Binder, next 12 issues of the monthly magazine.
  • ​Monthly Kid Trillionaire Mastermind Meetings taught by the Dad Trillionaire himself!
  • ​Resource-packed online KGR membership portal...
  •  Two autographed copies of Kid Trillionaire
  • The KGR "cursive" workbook.
  • And so much more!
  • ​WARNING - You may soon have to borrow money from  - AND maybe even work for your kids!
10X Homeschool
  • Discover the ultra-SIMPLIFIED "system" that I use to homeschool my kids and my students that's not only guaranteed to get them started at warp-speed....BUT also fully equips them for the ENDGAME: self-propulsion, entrepreneurship, etc.
  • 3-Year FULL ACCESS to the online lesson portal. 
  • 4+ Hours of video content (and growing)
  • ​WARNING - my system is "different" than 99% of what you see recommended on Pinterest. 
(not available any place else)
Chris Khoo,
"Our son was two and a half when we first met Dan. Little did we know that this meeting would be life changing in how we educate our son ever since. He saved us thousands of dollars on buying material that wouldn't yield as much as with his program. With his coaching, our son first did algebra at 4, quadratic equations at 5 and is right now many grade levels above his age. Dan has a real heart to accelerate brilliant young minds and we can't thank him enough for his mentorship."
Ted Alling,
Lamp Post Group
"Dan changed the trajectory of my kids’ lives!"
Ilan Ferdman,
Satori Prime
"I’ve implemented just two of the things Dan suggested….and already seen a massive shift in my children!"
Bill Choi,
"Investing in the EB was the best decision our family has ever made. Dan has been right about absolutely everything!"

When you POUNCE on the EB Bundle Today also get:
1 Hour of 1-on-1 Time with Dan
  • This is where the real magic happens.  Where I help you face and crush ALL the obstacles - internal and external - that are stifling your kids' potential at this very moment.
  • Phone, Zoom, Skype, or in-person if possible. Option to record the meetings.
  • ​NOTE - my private clients pay $300-$400 for an hour of consult time with me....and I often see them re-watching our powerful coaching sessions from a year or longer ago!
Private Social Meet-Up
  • I LOVE to meet up socially with my clients.
  • Coffee, lunch, visiting my whole family in Naples, Florida.
  • Can be in your hometown too, if I happen to be there. Or in Manhattan - my old hood.
  • ***This does not count as your 1-on-1 consulting time.
EB Online Portal (2 full years!)
  • I search furiously, far and wide. I uncover. I test. I curate. I share.
  • ​​The portal is filled with INNUMERABLE hours of the best brain- and life-enlarging content. 
  • Every single EB recipe, habit, book, podcast, mentor, coach, tool, resource, and hack I'm using to hyper-accelerate my kids and my private students  
  • BONUS "too hot to publish" audios...
  • ​BONUS unshared, private videos
Vashti Fairbairn,
"Working with 'Mr. Dan' as the kids call him, has brought INFINITE value to our home! With the Einstein Blueprint our kids are now leaps and bounds ahead of 'normal'. Dan's prodding has been essential to our success and joining the community of like-minded global families has been rewarding and encouraging. SO glad to be on board!!"
Dr. Joe Martin,
"I wish I had met Dan about 15 years ago..."

Janice Chiang,
Queens, New York
"I wish I could travel back 10 years and have met Dan earlier."
700+ Hidden Podcast Episodes
  • The first 700 Episodes of the Einstein Blueprint podcast are ONLY available to full EB members.
  • You will get sucked in, binge-listen, and explode with motivation and inspiration as you hear our adventure twist and turn from 2016 up to present!
Mystery Gift Box and Book(s)
  • Lately I've been squeezing into the BOX my TOP recommended educational game...
  • And a life-changing, rogue workbook, written by an EB superstar kid.
  • ​Other surprise "inserts" have been top rec' EB reading and cool EB paraphernalia!
EB Monthly Mastermind!
  • Each month my long-standing "All-Star" EB clients huddle online. 
  • ​​Burning questions get answered!
  • ​New Resources shared!
  • Community + Support for all-in, fully-invested EB Parents
  • When you join today, you also  get the next 2 years of EB Mastermind Meetings!
  • ​And access to over 30 hours of previous EB Pow-wows!
 It's Time to HYper-accelerate!
Only 20  13 left with the full stack of 9 INSANE bonuses!
  • Again, this a deal you don't want to pass on! The ROI of the EB is infinte!
This Is NOT For You If...
  • If you are fatally close-minded to new information and new ideas.
  • ​If you are easily TRIGGERED and paper-thin-skinned.
  • If you see nothing wrong with sedating 2-year-olds with iPads.
  • If you are not sold on education as the key to success in every area of life.
  • ​If you love to put LIMITING LABELS on kids.
  • ​If you are a drowning in "limiting beliefs" yourself.
  • ​If you don't see the world around you as the minefield of risks that it is.
  • ​If you are not afraid of failing your kids!
  • ​If you believe traditional school and hands-off parenting is going to unleash your child's full potential.
The Einstein Blueprint is DEFINITELY For You If...
  • If you are a parent oozing with ambition...
  • ​If you want to hyper-accelerate your child multiple grade levels about normal...
  • If you understand the SHORTCUT of modeling successful people... 
  • ​If you want to hit the eject button and homeschool your kids...
  • ​If you understand the INTELLIGENCE of massively investing effort, time, and money in your kids when they are young...
  • ​If you are genuinely ANGRY at the inferior, useless education and opportunities you were given...

Let Me Ask You a Question:

What KIND of Parent are YOU?
  • "I read it again yesterday....front to back!" - Ryan in Arizona
  • "The Blueprint could be read every's a MASTERPIECE." - Ted in Tennessee
  • "When the newsletter comes in....everything gets put on hold until I read the whole thing." - Paul in Mississippi 
  • "I can't speak enough about how I'm impressed by the EB... It's changing me!" - Dr. Mike in Chicago, father of a 4 month old!
  • "The EB is a wakeup call for any parent who wants their child to succeed. I have already seen tremendous changes in my kids." - Alexandra, single mother in New York
Jan Kindl,
CEO of Teksoft Ventures
"My only regret is I didn't meet Dan when my son was young..."
Erin Rankin
"I LOVE the Einstein Blueprint. It goes far beyond just academics. It's so comprehensive, my husband and I have benefitted just as much as our children."
David Yeh,
Cleveland, OH
"Dan's EB has changed the trajectory of our family. If I hadn't found Dan and connected with him, my kids would not have gotten where they are now, ages 5 and 8, years ahead in math and reading, and already started on entrepreneurship. Having access to Dan is the best part. It has saved me thousands of hours. Thank you Dan!"
Michael McLean

"Your Blueprint has made monstrous impact on my role as a I am grateful for your impact in my World and positive impact on my family."

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