What is the Einstein Blueprint?

The Einstein Blueprint™ is the secret formula and comprehensive action plan guaranteed to set your kids up for a lifetime of outrageous success.

It distills the transcendental wisdom of Einstein, Aristotle, Da Vinci, Buffett, Jobs, Lincoln, and hundreds of other titans who changed the world into a manual, a “bible” on how to unlock the genius in your kids.

Whom is it for?

The EB is only for the most ambitious parents and educators on Earth – toddler accelerators, tiger parents, homeschoolers, parents who want to raise entrepreneurs, and really anyone who is fanatical about hyper-accelerating children.

The Three Pillars

Undergirding the entire EB are three pillar assumptions.

1 – All children have infinite potential.

2 – The entire outside world is conspiring to suffocate it.

3 – ONLY PARENTS have the power to ward off these forces and unleash their kids’ full potential.

Thinning the Herd

The EB is not for you if:

  • You are not truly ambitious.

  • You don’t embrace non-conformity.

  • You don’t believe whole-heartedly in all three Pillars.

Congratulations and Welcome if you meet the EB criteria.

We are a very rare breed and I know how hard it has been for you to find like-minded parents, the absolute best resources, and a consistent supply of inspiration.

I’d like to invite you to enter the Einstein Blueprint orbit.