Launch Your Kids....with the EINSTEIN BLUEPRINT™!
 It's Time to HYper-accelerate!
Only 10  9 left with the INSANE 1-on-1 teaching bonus!
  • Again, there are NEVER-BEFORE-OFFERED BONUSES offered right now.  Be sure you scroll down, all the way down. 
it's time to hyper-accelerate!
Only 10 9 left with the INSANE 1-on-1 teaching bonus!
  • Again, there are NEVER-BEFORE-OFFERED BONUSES offered right now. Be sure you scroll down, all the way down.
12 Years Old!  33 on the ACT! 98th Percentile!  (that's like scoring a 1466 on the SAT)
Don't misunderstand, please.
He's not going to college, nor is my daughter.
We're transcending that...
John and Chrissy, 16 and 14 years old right now, are nearly fully-launched entrepreneurs already.

They earn all their own money, and are doing so many accelerated and adventurous things it's hard to keep up.  I'm right here, in the front row, and they astound ME on a near daily basis!
Life's Treasure Map:
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August 15th, 2021

From the Desk of Daniel Louzonis
Naples, Florida

Dear Ambitious Parent,

I'm not sure who you are or how you arrived here.  But your timing is impeccable!

Right now I'm in the middle of - not exactly a "re-launch" - but rather another major EXPANSION of the Einstein Blueprint™

First, what exactly is the Blueprint?

It's the ultimate cradle-to-grave educational curriculum.

I could characterize it many more ways but my favorite is to say that it's simply "success reverse engineered."  It's what the ideal educational curriculum and path would look like if it were designed by Einstein, Lincoln, Aristotle, JK Rowling, Buffett, Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie, et al.

There's not enough space here, nor do I have sufficient powers of articulation, to even begin to describe the full transformational power of the Einstein Blueprint™.

You see, our kids, ALL OF THEM, have vast stores of infinite potential.  But the whole world is conspiring to suffocate it.

These evil forces are as ubiquitous and as relentless as gravity itself.  It's our job as their parents....our ward off these demons and arm them with every single possible advantage.  AND make sure they don't make the very same mistakes that you and I did!

If only there were a clear formula on how to do so!!!

Right now, because time is short, I would encourage you to do some more digging on me.  Google me.  

Read my articles on LinkedIn.  

Also, go look at one of my son's current websites -

If you haven't already, you'll discover my unique journey:

From working class Worcester, Massachusetts...

To captaining my high school math team to winning the New England Championship...

To double-majoring in math and econ at UPenn...

Graduating early and becoming the youngest option trader on the Philadelphia stock exchange...

Meeting my lovely wife Inez there, chasing her to NYC...

Moving a bunch of times, having kids, and accidentally discovering this guaranteed formula to hyper-accelerate kids AND set them up for a life-time of outrageous success.

Slowly, I stopped trading derivatives and reinvented myself as tutor, teacher, and coach to the ultra-wealthy, including BILLIONAIRES.

But enough about me, the EB is for YOU.

It will soon become apparent, that the EB will be the absolute, very best investment you can ever make in your kids and in your family! 
THE 500 page Blueprint!
THE bible of child (and family!) hyper-acceleration.
  • The ULTIMATE educational curriculum - the one you and I WISH we were raised on.
  • Almost 500 pages of life-changing content that you will read, re-read, digest, and consult for years to come.
  • "I read it again yesterday....front to back!" - Ryan in Arizona
  • "The Blueprint could be read every's a MASTERPIECE." - Ted in Tennessee
  • "The EB is a wakeup call for any parent who wants their child to succeed. I have already seen tremendous changes in my kids." - Alexandra, single mother in New York
  • "I can't speak enough about how I'm impressed by the EB... It's changing me!" - Dr. Mike in Chicago, father of a 4 month old!
 EB Monthly Newsletter
As you most certainly know by now, it's not optimal to learn on screens alone.

This concept is a core principle of the EB.  That's why I print and mail.
  • Every month I write and publish the EB Report, a 12-page update to the Blueprint.
  • It's printed on paper and MAILED to your house.
  • You read them.  Implement my latest tactics and strategies. Store them in a separate EB binder.  And REREAD them.
  •  ***Make SURE you see the BONUS below.
  •  I spend about 30 hours each month putting this together.
  •  The content is so powerful, that I re-read them, my own content, regularly!
  •  BTW, it's pretty funny.  
  • "When the newsletter comes in....everything gets put on hold until I read the whole thing." - Paul in Mississippi 
EB Resource Vault Portal
I search far and wide.  I find. I test out.  I curate. I share.

YOU save time - years of your life. YOU avoid mistakes and dead ends.  YOU get the most effective resources and tactics. YOU get the gold hand-delivered.
  • Every month I add more content... 
  • BONUS videos on EB Implementation.
  •  BONUS videos of me interviewing hand-picked experts.
  •  BONUS audios every week - including podcasts Episodes 1-625.
  •  Chess Lessons.  My kids have won numerous trophies!
  •  10X Personal Development Regimen for Parents/Teens.
  •  Every single recipe, habit, book, podcast, mentor, coach, tool, resource, and hack I'm using to hyper-accelerate my kids and my private students.
  • The portal is filled with INNUMERABLE hours of the best brain- and life-enlarging content.
1-on-1 Online Math Teaching
There are a lot of math teachers on Earth but I've yet to meet one who teaches anything at all like I do.

Nor have I seen one get their first student to algebra at 5 and calculus at 7!

My other students have been admitted into Ivy League colleges, the top high school in NYC (Stuyvesant), and have won math competitions at the very highest levels.
  • Every two weeks, I'll be available to teach YOUR KIDS math! (*Details on next page) 
  • From counting through calculus - including competitive math!
  • 1-on-1 sessions.  All ages.  All levels!
  • Recorded for review and full absorption.
  • Simple powerful drills, the best (and FREE) resources to utilize, instruction for parents on how to teach their own, etc.
  • Cradle-to-Grave, Comprehensive Math Instruction (in the Math Portal) from the world's self-proclaimed greatest math teacher.
EB Math Academy Classes
  • 12 MONTHS of LIVE online math classes with Dan! 
  • 60 minutes, 6 days per week!
  • That's nearly 25 hours every month!
  • This obviates the need for ANY other math instruction and will get yours hyper-accelerated YEARS ahead of normal!
Real Value: $1,884
4 Hours of 1-on-1 Coaching
  • This is where the real magic happens.  Where I help you crush ALL the obstacles - internal and external - that are stifling your kids' potential.
  • Phone, Zoom, Skype, or in-person if possible. Option to record the meetings.
  • Most clients break up the time into multiple sessions.
  • To be perfectly honest....I don't watch the clock or keep close tabs on the time. YOUR resounding success is my ONLY concern.
Real Value: $1,333
Previous 12 Issues
  • 2-Year monthly subscription, mailed to your house.
  • These thematic newsletters - ALL BY THEMSELVES - will ignite and change your family's trajectory.
  • ***They are filled with strategies, tools, and tactics  that are worth MULTIPLES of your entire EB investment. Yeah, priceless, life-changing AND life-saving books I've mined for you...often saturated in my "pee-your-pants", legendary humor.
Real Value: $1,500
Private Social Meet-Up
  • I LOVE to meet up socially with my clients.
  • Coffee, lunch, visiting my whole family in my Manhattan apartment...
  • Can be in your hometown too, if I happen to be there. Or in Naples, Florida***
  • ***This does not count as your 1-on-1 consulting time.
Real Value: $1,000
Bi-Weekly Chess Lessons
  • 1-Year of EB Chess Club membership - 2+ hours per week. 
  • That's 104 LIVE chess classes with John and Dan! 
  • ​John won first place at the BIGGEST youth chess tournament in NYC! (see pic)
  • ​John's YouTube Chess videos have been viewed MILLIONS of times!
  • This program is PERFECT for beginners! 
Real Value: $840
BONUS #6 Club 
  • 2-Year Full Membership: Vault Binder, next 24 issues of the monthly magazine, online KGR membership portal, and monthly Kid Trillionaire  Mastermind meetings***!
  •  Two autographed copies of Kid Trillionaire
  • ***The previous issues of the magazine too!
  • Option to earn money as a KGR Ambassador!
Real Value: $400
10X Homeschool
  • Learn the ultra-SIMPLIFIED "system" that I use to homeschool my kids and my students that's not only guaranteed to get them started at warp-speed....BUT also fully equips them for the ENDGAME: self-propulsion, entrepreneurship, etc.
  • 2-Year access to the online lesson portal.
  • 4+ Hours of video content (and growing)
  • 6 issues of my daughter's Homeschool Globe newsletter.
  • WARNING - this is "different" than 98% of what you see recommended on Pinterest.  Nor it is "unschooling" (lol) but it does graduate to running fully on AUTOPILOT. 
Real Value: $1,000 
(not available any place else)
Earn MONEY as an EB Affiliate
  •  As an EB member you get your own "link"...
  •  And when anyone else uses it to invest in the EB...
  •  YOU will get richly compensated: 30-50% of the sale price!
  •  Put the link in your email signature, on social media, share directly with your friends....definitely on YouTube videos of your kids doing ingenious things!
  • Hyper-accelerating my kids has saved/made me and my wife hundreds of thousands of dollars already - more like a million.  It can, should, and ultimately will do the same for you too!
Real Value: INFINITY
Patsy Miley,
Los Angeles, CA
"No words can explain how grateful I am to God for bringing your family into our path. I frequently thank my husband for trusting my decision to invest in the EB. Best investment ever!!!"
Katie and Ty Weitzel,
"We never would’ve pushed this hard without your guidance and example. We can truly say that you’ve changed the trajectory of our lives when it comes to educating our kids."
Chris Khoo,
"Our son was two and a half when we first met Dan. Little did we know that this meeting would be life changing in how we educate our son ever since. He saved us thousands of dollars on buying material that wouldn't yield as much as with his program. With his coaching, our son first did algebra at 4, quadratic equations at 5 and is right now many grade levels above his age. Dan has a real heart to accelerate brilliant young minds and we can't thank him enough for his mentorship."
Ted Alling,
Lamp Post Group
"Dan changed the trajectory of my kids’ lives!"
Ilan Ferdman,
Satori Prime
"I’ve implemented just two of the things Dan suggested….and already seen a massive shift in my children!"
Bill Choi,
"Investing in the EB was the best decision our family has ever made. Dan has been right about absolutely everything!"

Dr. Joe Martin,
"I wish I had met Dan about 15 years ago..."

Vashti Fairbairn,
"Working with 'Mr. Dan' as the kids call him, has brought INFINITE value to our home! With the Einstein Blueprint our kids are now leaps and bounds ahead of 'normal'. Dan's prodding has been essential to our success and joining the community of like-minded global families has been rewarding and encouraging. SO glad to be on board!!
Janice Chiang,
Queens, New York
"I wish I could travel back 10 years and have met Dan earlier."
Jan Kindl,
CEO of Teksoft Ventures
"My only regret is I didn't meet Dan when my son was young..."
Erin Rankin
"I LOVE the Einstein Blueprint. It goes far beyond just academics. It's so comprehensive, my husband and I have benefitted just as much as our children."
David Yeh,
Cleveland, OH
"Dan's EB has changed the trajectory of our family. If I hadn't found Dan and connected with him, my kids would not have gotten where they are now, ages 5 and 8, years ahead in math and reading, and already started on entrepreneurship. Having access to Dan is the best part. It has saved me thousands of hours. Thank you Dan!"
Watch My Six-Year-Old Son Derive The Quadratic Formula!
I want to mail this to you today...

ALREADY, there are about 1,000 pages of Mind-blowing content to dive into.

And so many more....on the way!
Obviously, with the 1-on-1, bi-weekly math/coaching...

I can only accommodate a few more students.

Tune into my PODCAST for more of a Window into what A Hyper-Accelerated, EB-Raised family looks like.

Email Dan @ (this website which I'm hiding from spammers!) if you have any Questions.

If the Upfront cost is too high right now, let me know. I'll see what I can do
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