1-on-1 Coaching (Intense!)
YOU are an ambitious parent who loves your kids more than life itself.

YOU have a lifetime track record of excellence and success.

YOU are genuinely scared of failing your children.

YOU are well aware of the myriad threats to your children's brightest possible futures.

YOU scoff at the myth of natural talent and facade of credentials.

YOU believe, resolutely, in the transcendental power of hard work.

If that’s YOU, read on…
Daniel Louzonis
Some of the many things I coach my clients on include:
  • Math!!!
  • Researching all educational options
  • Aligning short-term tactics to long-term educational goals
  • Meeting homeschool legal requirements
  • Persistent encouragement
  • Juggling complicated family issues
  • Convincing a spouse to home educate
  • How to deal with an undermining spouse
  • Discipline!
  • Organization and scheduling
  • Hiring the best possible private tutors
  • Connecting with local home education groups
  • How to get multiple grade levels ahead in school
  • Ivy League college planning (Hint – it doesn’t start when the kids are 15)
  • Helping non-creative parents raise creative kids
  • How to put educational plans on auto-pilot….so parents can work, travel, and relax
  • Long term educational planning
  • Curing TV and video game addiction
  • Visualization of the future
  • Overcoming fears
  • Understanding the truth and limits of school/college
  • Harnessing technology
  • Home educating with special needs and disabilities
  • Incorporating faith into educational plans
  • Counteracting propaganda
  • Preparation to ace the SAT and other standardized tests
  • Complete and dynamic curriculum design
  • Dealing with resistant readers
  • Making children highly specialized AND well-rounded
  • Cultivating their children’s passions
  • Overcoming the “I can’t teach my kids” mentality (Hint – All parents teach, implicitly)
  • Creating portable curricula so families can travel
The Coaching Experience
In addition to unlimited access to me, the core component is 5 hours of weekly 1-on-1 time with the kids and/or the parents.

Together we will design customized and comprehensive educational plans for all your kids....and set about aggressively implementing them.

I actually work directly with clients’ children on math, reading, writing, chess, and in several other areas like coding and entrepreneurship.

I visit clients in their homes, no matter where they live. They visit me and my family. I do periodic bootcamps of intensive work and also may take students on trips.
About Select Clients
My clients are atypically farsighted.

They fully comprehend the lethal, anti-intellectual risks of TV and video games.

They cringe when they hear loud, ignorant teenagers or when they see 3-year olds being sedated with snacks and smart phones.

Although outwardly successful, my select clients genuinely believe, with better guidance, they could have AND SHOULD HAVE done so much more with their own lives had they had a better, earlier start.

They understand that most all children (the “output”) are strictly a product of parental choices and actions (the “inputs”).

My clients have no qualms about being DIFFERENT – in fact, being different and standing out is one of their life’s implicit goals. They are leaders and want to raise highly confident and competent leaders too.

Half of my students attend traditional schools....and the other half are educated completely outside the system on individualized tracks ("homeschooled").
Why an "Education Coach"?
First off, no one needs a coach.
The world will not stop turning, the calendar pages will certainly not stop flipping, if a parent doesn’t hire a coach.

Every parent can certainly DIY raise their kids.

And every child has a default future.


My clients WANT a coach.

They want an "unfair" competitive advantage.

They appreciate the power of modeling proven success.

They understand that I can save them from hundreds of hours of research, trial & error, and frustration.

That I can protect them from making the subtle but major mistakes committed by 99.9% of parents.

And that with my help, they can truly unlock their children’s full potential.
The upfront fee for my services over a 12-month period starts at $74,528 – a portion of which may be set aside for travel expenses, product purchases, etc.
Almost all parents invest considerable money in their children when they are teenagers via private tutors, SAT prep, and then college.

I say “invest” but they are really throwing their money away because by that time it’s far too late.

I recommend investing time, energy, discipline, and money when kids are young. Only then can parents SIGNIFICANTLY alter their children’s trajectory….
Do you see this young man above?

I started working with him 7 months prior to the photo. Over that time he went from 3rd grade math all the way to completing 75% of 8th grade math.

And this was from only working with me individually for about 1 hour each week. THIS is the tremendous power of individualized instruction and highlights the extreme results that my unique methods and a full deployment of the Einstein Blueprint™ deliver.
At 11 my son scored 1270 on the SAT. You may have seen this already.
I want to point out one thing here. Understand that I had John quit doing math 3 full years prior to that exam, when he was 8. We were already at calculus and I decided to quit because, well, of the diminishing returns of higher math.

So he managed to pull off a 710 on the math section of the SAT with a considerable amount of rust on his math brain!

Additionally, if you are an entrepreneur or self-employed and would like more insight into the profound and undeniable benefits of individualized instruction, I highly encourage you to read my manifesto:
In 2017, at 12 years of age, John scored a 33 on the ACT!  98th percentile!

That's equivalent to scoring about 1466 on the SAT...
Do Not Apply If...
If you have no sincere desire to de-screen your family.  I'm not a miracle worker and can't deliver transformational results if the "home" is thoroughly undermining brain development.

If you lack a genuinely open mind.  Crazy results require (apparently) crazy methods.

Please do not apply if your kids are over-scheduled, spoiled-rotten, or rude.
More About the $$$$
Hyper-accelerating your kids 3-5 years ahead with math...

Getting them ADDICTED to reading, writing, building, and creating...

Changing the whole tenor of your house to a more peaceful one...

Generating extreme parenting confidence, optimism, and joy...

You will have to do your own assessment of the monetary value of all that.  Because that is what I, my plan, coupled with your work and compliance will most assuredly deliver.

With some families I've worked with 2 and even 3 siblings simultaneously.  What does that do to the math of the investment cost?

My coaching "teaches you how to fish".  One year, assuming compliance, is all you'll need.

What's crazy is how parents drain their retirement accounts and take out 3rd mortgages on their homes to "invest" tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars for tuition at crappy colleges, so their kids can major in utterly useless subjects.

If they are going to bend over backwards and borrow to the hilt...

They'd be far better off doing it when their kids were young and on a plan PROVEN to drive life-changing, exponential growth.

Think about this...

Today the average cost "per credit hour" at US colleges and universities is $594.

Yet the average cost per hour of a nanny or babysitter, who cares for parents' most prized earthly possessions....and who are in their MOST formative stage in life...is closer to $10.
Start the Application Process
If you have more questions or are seriously interested…

Email me at “dan at einsteinblueprint dot com” and broadly describe your situation.

If there seems to be a possible fit, the next step will be a no-cost, no obligation Skype session, phone call, or in-person meeting to further assess compatibility.

Due to the intensive and exclusive nature of my coaching, I only serve a handful of clients at a time.
If you know someone who would be an perfect candidate for this program, please send them to this page and in my general direction.  I gladly pay a healthy sales commission.  I'd rather give YOU the advertising dollars than give them to Facebook, Google, or to a magazine.  And you'd certainly deserve them, too.