Our Mission

Hi!  We are a rogue family consulting business – not a corporation and definitely not a VC-backed startup.

We are committed to one thing and one thing only – helping you unlock every ounce of your kids’ potential.

As you know, life is actually really hard.  And it gets more difficult as you get older.

Almost every problem in our adult lives, be it financial, social, or health-related, has deep roots in how we were raised and educated.

That is why it’s imperative to give our kids so much more, to give them all the skills, experiences, and advantages that we never had.

About Dan

I was born and raised in Massachusetts, went to UPenn in Philadelphia, stayed for a total of 9 years, and met my future wife Inez there. I was trading stock and index options on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange and she was working in the building as well.

I moved to Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn in 2001, chasing that girl, who was only a few blocks away from the Twin Towers when they fell. I was actually on the phone with her when the first tower fell….and the line went dead as I was watching it live on TV!

We got married, moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and had our son John in 2004.

From 2005-2010 we lived in Newton and Cohasset (Massachusetts) before moving back to New York – actually into the house my wife grew up in. In 2014 we moved to London for about 15 months and had the adventure of a lifetime. We used the UK as a launchpad to travel to 11 different countries.

We came back to your house on Long Island (Manhasset) in 2015… But then in the fall of 2017 we, sold the house, rented an apartment down by the World Trade Center in New York City, effectively shorting the real estate market.

Acceleration Backstory

I grew up the second of 4 kids in Worcester, Massachusetts.  My mother was a teacher and my father a social worker.  Elementary school was first a neighborhood school and then a “magnet school” in a rough area of town.  It featured some degree of tracking, had funding for after-school programs and cutting edge TRS-80 (“trash 80s”) computers.

Shifting gears I went to Saint Johns, an all-male Catholic high school.  Sports were insanely ultra-competitive and my pipe dreams of one day playing for the Boston Celtics were crushed by sophomore year.

As a freshmen I went to a county-wide math meet and came in first place out of 300 students.  I got such a rush out of the victory that I started working real hard to get better -and I did.  As a senior, I was the captain of my high school’s math team and we won the New England Championship.  However the big win was discovering that through hard work, I could compete with anybody, in almost anything.

I rode my math laurels into the Ivy League though I soon became much more interested in economics and making money.  In fact I worked upwards of 40 hours a week during college.  I graduated early with degrees in both math and economics and was about to enroll in a PhD program when someone invited me to visit the Philly Stock Exchange and introduced me to the world of pit trading and stock options.  Well, the guys I met were making hundreds of thousands of dollars, were wearing jeans, only worked until 4:02pm at the latest, were in total control of their lives, and wanted to hire me.  I ripped up my grad school applications and jumped at this opportunity.

The bull market was raging and I thought for sure I’d be a millionaire by the time I was 30.

Well I woke up at 30 only a mere thousandaire.  The floor trading industry had been devastated by technological advances….and my back had been devastated by a freak car accident.  Although I continued to trade stocks, options, commodities, and futures for a while.

When my son turned 3.5 years old I started doing workbooks with him, every single day.  He made such rapid progress my wife and I were blown away.  Over the course of 18 months he went from writing his numbers all the way to beginning algebra!

John became a prolific reader – even reading all the Harry Potter books by age 6.

At 7 he even started calculus.

People started to ask me how I raised such a “genius” and after about the 1,000th time it dawned on me that I had developed real expertise in this area and maybe I should stop trading the markets and figure out how to help other parents achieve the same explosive results I was getting…

Below is the video of my 6 year old son that really started it all:


Workbook Pages by Age 5


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