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Listen to my deep and wide-ranging interview with Shaun Buck. Shaun has been a pivotal “mentor” of mine, from afar, for years and I’m 100% sure you will enjoy and BENEFIT from our conversation. He generously shares episodes of his journey not to be found in any of his 3 published books. Yeah, he will […]

Click above to listen to my fast-moving and profound conversation with Ben Hardy! You’ll definitely want to get your hands on this book – CLICK HERE – assign it to your kids, AND to your intractable spouse. Just SOME of what your learn on this podcast an in his terrific 5 star book is: What […]

I recently had the pleasure and privilege of interviewing one of my (and John’s!) business+ coaches. Listen to our far-ranging conversation and learn how Lee rose from Chuckatuck, Virginia….to becoming an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and coach! “Innovators have the visionary gift of looking ahead, the inventor’s ability to create, and the entrepreneur’s ability to […]

I recently had the privilege of interviewing a super-precocious teenage entrepreneur from Maine – Nathan Sykes. Listen to our interview; I PROMISE it will blow your mind and fuel your motivation for turning your own kids into upstart entrepreneurs. Get his fabulous book – Retire Before College Visit his website – Nathan-Sykes.com Watch his recent […]

Joe Hippensteel is an absolute GURU. He heals almost ALL injuries and a variety of “weird” health problems with his proprietary stretching protocol. He work directly with the Navy Seals, professional athletes of all kinds, and also with regular human specimens like myself. I discovered him through David Goggins’ book (Joe saved his life!) Listen […]

Yes indeed! Listen to this super-important interview I did with Lisa Good – HERE. You can order her book – HERE. Visit here website – HERE. BTW, and I didn’t talk about this on the podcast… But Lisa and her husband have some extremely hyper-accelerated children. They were educated “outside” the system, of course. Their […]

Do you know what Supreme is? It’s this ultra-hip and uber-expensive brand of clothing and accessories. Fridays I spend in SoHo on Lafayette Street, sipping La Colombe coffee why my daughter plays basketball at the Chinatown YMCA with a bunch of other homeschooled kids. The cafe is right next to Supreme’s flagship store – where […]

Last year I paid $10,000 to join a Mastermind Group. Almost 50 of us, we meet quarterly for intense 2-day sessions. After the first one I attended in Chicago, I started bringing my son John. He sits there, all day long and takes it all in. He works on his business, his motivation, his productivity, […]

The Dow Jones was down a devilish 666 points on Friday. Then it descended another 1,175 points on Monday – the largest nominal drop in history. A lot of people got really scared. It was looking down 500+ points to start Tuesday morning and significant “crash” fear was in the air across the globe. However, […]

This is my new YouTube yoga channel – at least the one that I’m doing each morning before just about anything else. I can’t explain why I like Adriene so much. When I do her sessions I’m not continually jumping up and pausing the video to see how much longer I have left. She’s so […]