My New Yoga Gal

This is my new YouTube yoga channel – at least the one that I’m doing each morning before just about anything else.

I can’t explain why I like Adriene so much.

When I do her sessions I’m not continually jumping up and pausing the video to see how much longer I have left.

She’s so good I don’t even look at my phone when it dings!

It’s utterly amazing how much terrific FREE content – in a bazillion categories – there is on YouTube.

That’s why Module 70 of the Einstein Blueprintâ„¢ is titled “Mine YouTube”.

As in….mine it for pure gold!

Here’s another yoga channel- Cosmic Kids Yoga – you may want to check out. It’s not for me and my kids, but might be for you and yours.


One thought on “My New Yoga Gal

  1. Esther Catherine White

    My daughter found Adrienne during her undergrad years and we both love her. Namaste!

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