Year: 2021

You WILL be AMAZED by this couple – Ashlee and Josh Latimer. You’ll hear their backstory and all about their Kid WarPlan (which I have already ordered for my family). Also you’ll discover: how a high school football coach and pizza set Josh down the entrepreneurial path how they went from living in a trailer […]

I was honored and excited to feature Connor Boyack on my podcast! He’s on a mission to teach kids all about the LIBERTY – ya know, that old-fangled concept that birthed America. sold over 2 million books! president of the Libertas Institute whose mission is to “Change hearts, minds, and laws to build a freer […]

There are not many PURE EB titans for us to kneel before and learn from. Mostly we have to make compromises and grab a little inspiration from here, mine a little gold from there, and whatnot – all the while ignoring deficits and blind spots within the messenger. But NOT with John Rosemond! Listen to […]