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“If you want your child to get the best education possible, it’s actually more important to get him assigned to a great teacher than to a great school.” - Bill Gates
“I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that there are as few as there are any other great artists.” - John Steinbeck
“When I was growing up, I always knew I’d be in the top of my class in math, and that gave me a lot of self-confidence.” - Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google
Daphne Earley,
San Franciso, CA
"I never knew how to take my kids to these heights in math. No one ever expected it of me. And if it weren’t for you, I would have perpetuated the same cycle. You are a welcome disruption - showing us a new playing field and we are loving the challenge!"
Bill Choi
New York City
"Dan provides the roadmap to math you can’t find anywhere else. He took my daughter’s math to a whole new level. I’m blown away by what she can do at such a young age. "

Erin Rankin
"Math used to end in tears.  Not anymore!"

Watch my daughter conquer multiplication at only 4 years of age!
100X Background
From the Desk of Dan Louzonis
Manhattan, New York
I was always a grade or so accelerated in math. But in high school I worked real hard took a quantum leap.  In fact I captained my math team to winning the New England Championship (1992).  I competed successfully in the AMC exams and ARML of course, too.

But after graduating early from UPenn, I dropped math for a while when I was trading derivatives - unless you count all the quarters, eighths, and teenies (1/16ths) I had to rapidly compute in the pit!

And I only picked up math again when my son John was a toddler and I started working intensely with him.  Yeah, I got him to algebra by age 5 and calculus by 7.  Then I put Chrissy on an even faster track early on. You've probably seen this elsewhere already on my site.

At some point, so many other people asked me exactly what I did to hyper-accelerate them that I started easing out of my Wall Street career and into education.

Since then I've been working intensely with some of New York's tiger moms and dads and also for some ultra-wealthy folk across the country.  See the 50k check I cashed above.

So I've been busy but I'm excited to finally launch this product to the public at large.  BECAUSE everywhere I go I meet children and families(!) not just struggling with math BUT being absolutely tortured.  Nightmares and even SUICIDE attempts!
YES, that is a real comment recently left on my blog. 

Listen up, PLEASE...it's RARE that anyone is BAD at math or CAN'T DO math...

It's mostly all the fault of the INSTRUCTION.  All this math pain and math-phobia is induced by horrible textbooks and bad/inferior teachers.

I'm here to help you sidestep all this!
The Video that Started it All:
My 6 Year Old Deriving the quadratic formula:
ENdless Hours of instruction!
My private students have placed extremely high on AMC exams (gone to AIME), gained admittance into the MOST competitive high school in NYC (Stuyvesant), gone to Ivy League colleges, etc.

The 2019 National Math Test [attached]

I try to opt-out of this pagan Christmas nonsense each year. Not kidding either. I tell them I don't want gifts. And I REFUSE to open the ones they buy and wrap. 

Here I am on December 26th - so-called "Boxing Day" - begrudgingly opening the unnecessary crap they got me. There's a bunch of etymology about what Boxing Day means...however the origin I heard, and found funny, was...

That it's supposedly the day the "servants", the peons got their gifts. So, for me, fitting.

No joke, almost everything they got me was terrible. It made me feel bad. Then I feel bad for them wasting their money on it. And I feel bad for not feeling grateful. Etc.

Again, I really hate it. And the credit card bill was 4k higher this month too, without me buying nearly diddly.

However, my son did get me that awesome hat - which private clients have already seen me don during coaching sessions and student lessons.

It's not a political statement ("Make America Think Harder") which you can google if you are really swimming in free time.

In fact Inez said she bought a cheap generic one on Amazon lest she buy the real one and get permanently trapped in those political fundraising "funnels".

Yeah, no joke. If you want to torture somebody....go donate $50 in their name to the political party or cause they hate. Or to PETA or something. They will NEVER be able to get their name off that mailing list!

But back to math....

Attached to this email is what I call the "National Math Exam". It's technically for 8th graders and below but has gotten progressively harder over the years.

The last two questions in particular are "separators"!

Print it out. Have your kids, even the young ones, go through it. The little ones can do (and learn from!) the first few questions.
I will send out a video of me solving them in a week or so.

Even though I had my son quit math when he was 8 and halfway through calculus....and even though he's a fully launched entrepreneur already at 15....

I've recently had him go back to doing math. I'll explain why in few days.

You see, my clients have been clamoring for more math from me for years. And I wasn't hearing them - because it's so easy for me to teach.

BUT now I'm listening, doing a ton more math with everyone, AND launching a new math program.

You can check it out here (make sure you watch the short explanatory video there):


I'm 100% sure some of you may have questions. I promise I'll answer them, soon.

Okay I have to get going. For now, print it out, look it over. And definitely have your kids - even teenagers do this exam. It's supposed to be 40 minutes long....but only geniuses can do it all, that fast. So give them over an hour.

Dan Louzonis

PS....I'm also discussing on this new math program on my podcast these days. See Episode 0463 - Anti-Common Core, Superior Math.

➕Math SPEED 

[no one talks about it, no one gets it, no one teaches it!]

Success in most matters of life is a SPEED GAME. 

And therefore, so is failure.

You don't want to learn about, say the benefits of "healthy food", too late in life.

You don't want to spend 45 years writing the "great American novel".

You don't want to make your "first million dollars/euros"....spread out over the next 50 years.

For my religious people....you don't want to start thinking about "heaven and hell" on your deathbed.

Slowness leads to pain, regrets, and bitterness. Always!

Slowness in MATH is fatal.

If your young child doesn't know that 8x7 is 56 in a nanosecond - as fast as they can tell you their name....you've got the seeds of a fatal math problem.

I've spent a lot of time with math geniuses - both born and self-made (like me) - over the past 30+ years...

And I've never met a single one who was SLOW. Who was slow at adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, drawing geometric figures....and slow at factoring (****).

When I was taking the SAT back in 1991...

For the 25 minute math sections, I would be done and triple-checked in about 11 minutes.

There are 2 components to math speed:

1) Rapid Computation - being able to +, -, *, / , draw, graph, and factor fast and accurately.

2) Problem Recognition - the advantage of having seen similar questions....a bazillion times before.

You see, your child who's slow at calculating 8x7, slow at drawing an isosceles trapezoid, uncomfortable combining negative numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, etc....

Math inevitably gets hard for them as they transition into algebra and have to deal with multi-step problem solving. They experience "friction" at every step....it takes too long***, they run out of time, and their mathophobia frustration boils over.

Ever, #facepalm as you watch a friend or family member go down a self-destructive path?

Yeah, it's like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

That's how I feel when I meet kids (and really together with their parents who share in the pain) whose math skills are SLOW.

They will soon be wrestling with polynomials, verbose "common core" word problems, and the stress of standardized college-determining tests BUT their math-ability has been built on a foundation of pure sand.

Really, they've got no shot - not on the hyper-competitive landscape we have today.

What also frustrates me is that seemingly no teacher, school district, nor "curriculum" gets it.

NONE of them appreciate the supremacy of math SPEED.

My 100X Math program is in a class of its own:
So, yours need to get much faster, right now, but how?

Well, all the answers are in my program. Everything from the incredibly simple ninja speed drills, to the resources, to the habits, daily regimen, etc.

Oh, it's holistic. Comprehensive if "holistic" is too woo-woo for you. I'm personally uncomfortable with that diction myself.

There is a staggering amount of nuance to my method. I mean, I am pretty chauvinistic when it comes to what writing implements to use. What kind of paper is best. How to optimally use scrap paper for speed and accuracy. What time of day to do math. What "incentives" to use. Etc.

I teach and preach how to speed up comprehension of EVERY SINGLE math topic and subtopic....from toddlers beginning with number recognition right up to the highest levels of math competition.

Now if YOU act fast, if you get in on the 100X Math Course now, you will not only lock in the insane price...

You will not only have a chance at my ridiculously generous bonus...

You will FINALLY have the tools and know-how to flip your kids on math, from pain to pride. From self-loathing to self-mastery.

And if they are already loving math and itching for more....I'll get them to "heights" unimaginable.

In fact, I was looking through some of my old emails and re-discovered that one of my students - whom I worked intimately with for 1.5 years - came in second place in New York State's biggest high school competition.

In case you don't know....New York's math scene is pretty freakin' competitive!

Oh, and due to a rush of buyers already (after only the first email) and to helpfully challenge fence-sitters...who are asking me silly questions about about something that only costs $79 (for the moment).

I have added a deadline timer to this launch - after which the BONUS opportunity disappears. I may close enrollment for 2 months while I assimilate students and parents...

And I will raise the price - especially given the furious rate at which I'm adding content. You'll see a countdown at the top of the webpage.

On Saturday I will send another email speaking the n@ked truth about the role of the "math teacher".

I'll tell you about the two best math teachers I had in my life - one of whom was HATED by the school administration and underestimated by all.

I'll also share a video of me solving the 2019 National Math Exam (AMC 8), as promised.

👨‍🏫 Exam Answers ➕ Secrets of the Very Best Teachers

First, as promised, here's the video I just made of me solving the 2019 National Math Exam ("AMC 8").

Let me know via email what you think and how your kids did on it.

You should have your kids watch it. They'll benefit mightily even if they didn't sit down and work on the questions already. Even if they are young and can only follow along with the first few questions.

Secondly, also as promised, today I wanted to talk about the qualities, the secrets of a great math teacher.

Mr. Sullivan was the best math teacher I ever had (5th grade) - even though he was despised by the school administration.

He wore faded jeans and white sneakers everyday - instead of the traditional wool jacket, knit tie, and corduroy pants that all the other teachers in the 80s donned. I recall a whole lot of "brown" among the others, too.

He was always jacked up on caffeine. It seemed like every hour he had one of the pet girls of the class go down to the teachers' lounge and fetch him yet another cup of coffee. And every single time she got back with the coffee...

He'd sip it and announce to the class, yet again, that Mary Jane was "going to make a great wife one day".


It was 1984-85. That bit of chauvinism probably wouldn't fly these days.

I can't remember a single instance of him standing before us, lecturing from the chalkboard about anything - never mind anything mathematical.

Math class went like this. He decreed:

"Open your text books. Read the section. Do all the questions. Check your answers in the back of the book. Then read the next section. Do ALL of the questions. Check your answers...."

That was it!

He never said, "Do questions 1-5, the even numbered problems from 14-26, and numbers 31 and 39 for extra-credit" or anything.

In other words, he taught us to teach ourselves.

And he had very high expectations about the amount of work we were capable of and had to do.

Again, that was it!

My second best math teacher is a legend at St. John's High School in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts....still to this day.

Mr. Gregory actually was the valedictorian of his graduating class....at Dartmouth!

Get this though, he was an English major!

There was an opening to teach math at Saint Johns (his high school alma mater) and he wanted to teach....so he took the job and has taught math for decades since - even though, again, he was an "english/humanities" guy.

I had Mr. G for math as a freshman (Honors Algebra) and as a junior (AP Calculus). He was also the coach of my (New England Championship!) math team.

So I definitely spent a lot of time with him, and I definitely heard him lecture from the front of the classroom but that's not what made him such a terrific math teacher.

You see, by the end of my freshman year I was past his math-ability in some respects. That's not to say that one can't teach/coach/help people who are at higher levels of competence.

After all, if that were the case, neither Tom Brady nor Tiger Woods would ever have a coach - no less how many they actually do employ.

You might have to google it. But it's an old-fangled word that means making copies at the copy-machine.

If you are old like me (45), you may remember the blue/purple ink on some of them. How they'd literally be "hot" off the press sometimes. I don't remember the "sniffing" [above] but apparently it was rampant.

Anyways, what Mr. G did that made him such an extraordinary teacher for me...was he spent a large fraction of his life making copies of old competitive math exams, and collating them into books.

In other words, well past academic math, my hyper-accelerated curriculum was "cobbled" together of all these printouts, of all these old freshman and varsity math meet questions.

I would spend untold hours, - in the middle of my other classes, over the weekends, and in the summer - wrestling with these hard but profoundly educational problems...the likes of which very few other students had such convenient access to.

Doing the same questions over and over again because I was determined to deepen my understanding.

I was determined to win these math competitions, too. #ego

This, the copying and collating, may not seem like a big deal today or any type of jedi-mind-trick or Tim Ferriss "hack".

But you have to understand/remember that back then there was no internet. No explanatory YouTube videos. No Khan Academy. There weren't even any "books" of competitive math questions one could find or buy anywhere.

Of course now all that exists in abundance. The books are plentiful and can be Amazon Primed to your house the very next day or so.

So Mr. G's efforts gave me an unfair advantage at that time and I'm eternally grateful for how he changed my life.

Mr. Sullivan and Mr. G may seem like two different animals but what they had in common is the KEY, it's the only thing that qualifies someone as a phenomenal teacher (or coach).

Both of their systems helped me "get more reps in".

It was Sullivan's "apathy" and high expectations....

And it was Gregory always going the "extra-mile" at the copy machine. Remember, he was also an underpaid, over-worked teacher with a full class load, mind you.

"I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and there are as few as there are any other great artists." - John Steinbeck

I'm going to talk about - what many of you no doubt have questions on - "math curricula" in the next email. It certainly plays a role.
But the teacher,....the teacher, the voice, the guide constitutes a CRITICAL advantage....(or disadvantage).

In fact I was working with this Tiger Mom's kids in Queens a few years ago. I actually worked with them for 3.5 years in total. The oldest is about to graduate from an Ivy, btw.

Anyways, I remember this one time Tiger Mom learned I was tutoring another boy in her son's class.

Well, her complexion changed! Almost beet-red!

I was somewhat surprised by that reaction but then it all made sense.

She saw me, the tutor that she paid for on top of a couple 30k private school tuitions....as a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE for her boys in the classroom.

And she wasn't happy with the idea of sharing me with the family of another student in that same class. The students were "graded on curve" - after all.

Do YOU share your cheap, amazing Friday night babysitter?

I doubt it!!!

There are 35 past exams of them - all of which I'll solve in the 100X Math Course.

[in addition to the other hundreds of hours of teaching on deck, the resources, the proprietary worksheets, etc.]

Those, all alone, will be worth lofty multiples of the insane beta launch price.

I'm insane to offer it that low...

And you'd be insane not to lock it in now, if you think you'll ever spend ANY amount of additional money on math tutoring, curricula, or instruction.

If you have any anxiety or ambitions whatsoever on the the math front, now...

There's only 1 week left...

I have a poop-ton more to say about the rare, secret teacher skillset that is required to "get more reps in".

But Monday's email will broach the math mythomania around "curricula".

Dan Louzonis
Manhattan, NY


PS.....Again, these AMC exams have been getting harder and more cutthroat competitive every, single year going back to 1985. If you aren't doing something a little different than what everyone else is doing, your kids are going to get smoked...by the kids who are watching math videos on YT, hiring superior teachers, and are getting more reps in!

📚⛳The Math/Golf/Success Curriculum [email #4 of 7]

Hi Tiger Parent,

The question won't ever stop: 

"Hey Dan, what do you think about [a math curriculum]?"

Very often it's "Teaching Textbooks" and "Math-U-See" in the homeschooling community - because they are two of the more popular and slickly marketed ones.

With my school people, the question usually manifests as a LOUD complaint about "Common Core" in the US...or the "National Curriculum" in the UK.

But it's not a very good question because it focuses on the wrong factor(s).

Allow me to swing an analogy in here...

My father totally sucks at golf. I LOVE him to the max, but it's very hard for me to not only play golf with him, but to even hear him talk about his game and his views thereof.

He's painfully SLOW to choose a club. Really Dad, after 50 years of playing you still don't know what to hit from 100 yards?

He's tortuously SLOW over the ball. You can just about see the grass growing under his feet.

His grip is a mangled mess. His posture incorrect. He doesn't rotate his body. Doesn't shift his weight. Has multiple swing planes. And because he's made so many fatal, compensating, irreversible errors to start off with...

The downswing is a bloody tragic event to witness!

He's literally HOLDING ON for dear life...

DECELERATING his club, trying to steer (rather than release) the clubhead, and PRAYING that he makes contact. And if he does...

PRAYING that the ball stays out of the trees, the water, and the bunkers....and that he can find it!

EMBARRASSMENT is a constant threat, too.

My Dad is extraordinarily nice and likable but NO ONE wants to endure this spectacle 100 times over the course of 5 hours.

No one wants to hear him curse after 75% of his shots. No one wants those negative visual images (slices, duffs, pop-ups, worm-burners, and shanks) entering their heads before they have to execute their own shots.

Nor does anyone wants to get poison ivy helping him search for his ball(s) in the woods.

Every couple of years he gets all geeked up about some new clubs he's bought. Claiming that these new titanium, graphite, huge sweetspot sticks or whatever are finally going to fix his game. #thesecret

Of course, they NEVER do. He's even getting worse.

My father is hardly in a category of one here. I know TONS of guys who keep buying new golf clubs. Especially drivers and putters. One particular jabroni of mine used to buy the latest, hottest set every single spring and sell his old ones.

In fact, my buddy (a scratch golfer) and I (7-handicap at my best), when we did covet the next new driver or set of set Titleist irons we'd joke,

"Don't buy it....just wait a few months and you can buy it from Anthony for half-price !"

What does all this have to do with MATH?

Well, these curriculum philanderers hopping from one to the next....to another, are making the same strategic mistake.

Just as Tiger Woods didn't become a phenom from a magical set of clubs, there is no singular magical "math curriculum" you can purchase that is going to cure your kids' math issues - of the moment.

I know EXACTLY what they are too.

You either want to:

1) Alleviate mathophobia or

2) Level up closer to math genius status

So when dissatisfied parents ask me about their kids' math curriculum...

I want to fire back my own probing questions?

Have they TRULY mastered basic computation? [foundation]

Did you take the entire summer off from math? [momentum]

Are your kids' attention spans being devastated by screens? [focus + fine motor skills]

How long are their math sessions? [expectations]

What are Mom and Dad doing to supplement the inferior curricula/teaching? [priorities]

Because if we have leakage on those fronts, it really doesn't matter if their kids are in possession of or have access to the best (hypothetical) math curriculum ever devised.

What's amazing to me is how math curricula keeps "changing".

Please, someone tell me what fundamentally has changed - since the very beginning of time! - about multiplication, fractions, integers, and triangles?

To me, that's the BEAUTY of the subject. It's timeless purity. It's just about the only objective, black-and-white subject here on Earth.

So why do new math textbooks and these days - math websites and apps - keep proliferating?

For the exact same reasons we have "magic pills" out the wazoo - organic supplements that promise to heal everything under the sun, 862 brands of "protein" bars, gym fads, diet crazes, etc.

Check out this "new" math textbook that one of my NYC-area students was assigned:
It is 688 pages!

This "inflation" is a recent development and it's particularly unique to the USA.

Average math textbook size here in the States is now OVER 600 pages BUT...

Internationally, the books are closer to 212 pages each.

Again, mathematical principles haven't changed in millennia so why are the books getting bigger?

Because McGraw-Hill, Holt McDougal, and other textbook manufacturers have determined that they can CHARGE school districts more for the superficial appearance of more content. That's it. Not because the books are better. If anything they are, like my father's golf swing, getting worse.

The proof is that international math students....whip American butts in math - at least on average.

American textbooks are also FATTENED with the bane of 90% math students - those DREADED WORD PROBLEMS.

Word problems were horribly utilized and a real obstacle to getting better at math long BEFORE the "Common Core" came to the rescue! #sarcasm

I won't go into it too deeply here, but basically the whole "professional" math world has it 1,000% wrong.

Here's one of the 50,000 stupid things they do...

The very second they introduce a new concept - say "dividing decimals by decimals"..

Long before our kids have grasped, no less mastered the mechanics of dividing 6.78 by .23....

They are assaulted with horrible word problems where they have to divide one decimal by another.

Normally it's some convoluted, hard-to-relate-to scenario, with obscure multicultural names and even outright propaganda. No joke, I was doing calculus with a college student once....and every related rate problem started out like:

"An oil tanker spilled out in the Atlantic ocean....if the spill had a radius of 5 miles and was expanding at a rate of 50 feet per hour...." 

THIS, this muddling of reading comprehension with mathematics in "word problems" is a PRIMARY CAUSE of MATH TEARS.

It's what makes young kids start to DESPISE math and potentially LOSE intellectual self-esteem for the rest of their lives.

I am not exaggerating. Once a child struggles in school - in ANY subject - they run the risk of spending their entire lives mistakenly thinking they aren't intelligent.***

So yeah, traditional school math curricula is not aligned with your interests, with what's best for your kids. Of course. There's no surprise there.

"But what about all these new apps and websites like Bedtime Math, IXL, etc?" 

Well, there's too many to even begin to list. But I assure you, they are all the same...and all LACKING!

They aren't as depraved as the textbook manufacturers, yet, but they exploit families and math pain in a different manner.

Instead, they use SLICK MARKETING (selling "easy", "watching videos", cartoon characters, FAKE accomplishment badges, etc.)...

They play off the FAILINGS of your school and your "Rainman" teacher who can't explain anything well...

And they BANK on you just letting them ding your credit card for $10-$30 a month, ad infinitum. (sort of like Planet Fitness!)

The whole thing is an absolute mess and this is one of the reasons I've decided to rescue as many families as I can with the 100X Math Program.
Unlike this guy above, my father TOTALLY SUCKS at golf because the only thing he ever changes is his equipment.

He has no understanding of proper golf swing mechanics.

He has never INVESTED in lessons. [nor was his mind EVER OPEN the idea of them]

Practice? He staunchly believes that going to the driving range to PRACTICE...."messes him up"!!!

In many respects, the fact that he can keep switching his clubs to newer "easier to hit", "dumbed-down" clubs has been an impediment to his improvement.

Because if he was stuck with just a hickory shafted relic from 1905....then perhaps, maybe, just MAYBE he would look inward and try to fiddle with, ya know, his swing!

In order for one's kids to move forward and upward with math...

Mom and Dad have to stop focusing on and scapegoating the curriculum.

They have to look inward at those questions I posed above.

And when in doubt, about anything, they have to go see "the man on the mountain". That's precisely what I'm here for, what I LOVE to do, what I actually have been DOING ALL DAY FOR YEARS, and what I'm better at than anyone I've ever come across.

Oh, there indeed is an ideal curriculum, but it's holistic.

There are workbooks I recommend. And some I warn against.

Online resources I use with my clients. And ones I won't let them near!

Drills to do. Habits to cement in. Incentives to hold over them. Speed benchmarks to reach. Even videos to instruct and helpful games to play.

So the ideal curriculum uses multiple resources and is profoundly dynamic.

Because it requires so many constant pivots, again, it really helps to have access to the that "man on the mountain".

Okay, yesterday I took my kids skiing so I bumped all of my private lessons and consultations to today.

Still, after all my fist-pounding, I got asked TWICE today, again, "What's the curriculum for math you recommend?" #facepalm

I'm trying to make this persuasive argument as many ways as I can.

There is NO singular curriculum you can buy or "set and forget" that's going to do the job properly. Just as there's no singular golf curriculum, homeschooling curriculum, or entrepreneurship curriculum.

There are only a few days left in the beta-launch of the 100X Math Course.

A lot of people have already joined. Many of them interested in the BONUS - which I may have to pull even before Sunday due to overwhelming demand.

There is nothing like what I'm offering out there and I intend to blast it out far and wide into the universe.

I spoke with my new "YouTube Ads" guy today and he pleaded with me to raise the price, significantly.

I spoke with one of my mastermind colleagues the other day over FB Messenger....he wasn't shy either, gratuitously TELLING me to raise the price to at least $1,000.
Above is a screenshot from a session I had with a student today. The young man can multiply 6 times 19 in his head, very quickly.


His parents are terrific implementers.

They do every single thing I recommend - and have been for a while now.

If you are seeking a more challenging curriculum to get your child excited about math...

Or if you are seeking to give your child the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE of the very best math teacher on planet Earth...

Of if your child's math experience is as painful at "golf with my father" and you want to fix their "swing" before it's too late...

Then by now, you know what to do. The link is all over this page.

Dan Louzonis
Manhattan, NY


PS...If you have any questions, please email me. Also, I had my son add this email sequence to the bottom of the webpage. ← Just click that link and scroll down if you missed any of the prior emails or want to re-read them. 

35/36 on the ACT Math Section at age 12....even though I had him pretty much quit math altogether when he was only 8 years old!

🔏 6 Secrets to Crushing Math [email #5 of 7]

Hi Tiger Parent,

First of all...there are only 2 Days left for you to scoop up the launch special price + BONUS with my brand new 100X Math Course.

30+ years ago, in the fall of 1988 I went to my very first math competition.

Even though my coach put me on the "B" team, I managed to come in solo first place out of the 300 high school freshman.

I was the only one with a perfect - 18 out of a possible 18 - score.

Before I finish that story, I want to share:

6 Secrets to Crushing Math

1) Superior Curricula

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." - Abraham Lincoln 

See the prior email for the intro on this one. The ideal curriculum, broadly, would be "rapid computation + competition math". Period.

No one with poor math-cardio (lightning fast adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, factoring, geo-drawing, etc.) can ever go anywhere in math - except DOWN.

And no one can reach their full math potential via the dry academic textbooks, their local school offerings, and whatnot. They need to use the far more elegant and now vast body of competitive math problems.

***BTW, this is NOT taught in schools!

2) Longer Sessions

"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer." - Albert Einstein 

The "40 minute" math class is problematic. It takes the kids 5 minutes to settle down....and the last five minutes they are packing up, watching the clock, maybe cramming for a quiz next period, and mentally checked out.
40 minutes may be fine when a child is young, but one of my core teaching tactics it to continually lengthen the "time under tension". So your 4 year old that can only do 15 minutes today....that's totally fine. Just so long as you are going to ramp it up to 20 minutes, and then 25, real soon.
I've had high school kids sit down with me for 5-6 hours straight. One young lady on Long Island whom I was doing linear algebra with (yes, in a supplemental program - THAT's what ambitious New Yorkers do!)....she didn't even go the bathroom over the course of 5+ hours!
Every single time I have started to work with a younger child I'm warned that they may only last 15 minutes...

Then I get a full hour and 15 minutes out of them, right away! Every. Single. Time.

I've had other private clients do bootcamps at my house. One boy, and maybe I'll tell you more about him later, first came for 3 days. We did 18 hours of math over that time period.

Sounds like pure torture, right?

Well, when he left, he stopped on my walkway, turned around, and asked, "When can we do this again?"

So what do you think? Was he a masochist?

Or am I a crazy-good teacher???

3) Start Earlier

“The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out.” - Bill Gates Sr. (the father) 

Couple things. YES, for intellectual development, the ages 0-6 are critical because the brain goes from miraculous, exponential growth at conception to....

Well, it not only stops growing at age 6, it actually starts to shrink! I'd bet that today it starts to shrink even sooner due to iPads, toxic industrial food, etc.

I'd also bet that 95% of the people reading this did not know that brains shrink, every single day, from age 6 on. I didn't know it myself until my kids were past that age.

Anyways, I also believe that between the ages of 5-12 there is a HUGE developmental math/educational window.
Kids these ages are capable of FAR more than anyone - most parents and all institutions - believe. 

Unfortunately 99% of the time this opportunity is SQUANDERED.

Once kids hit around age 14, that last big developmental window slams shut as their "free time" - the time to pivot, the time to experiment, and the time to supplement is harder to come by.

The technical benefit of Starting Earlier is that it simply allows one to get more reps in.

It's really hard to learn about logarithms on Monday....and be fully prepared ace a test on them on Friday.

It's STRESSFUL too! [for the whole family]

But what if your child was introduced to logarithms 3 YEARS EARLIER???

Yeah, that test, that entire class, would be a cakewalk.

4) Multiple and Simultaneous

"My third Renegade Millionaire principle is SIMULTANEOUS, NOT SEQUENTIAL" - Dan Kennedy

I always had my kids, John and Christine, chipping away at multiple workbooks at once. Usually 3 Kumon books during the early years.

When they were online, they were working through multiple math grade levels simultaneously too - say 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

The same regimen for all my students and clients.

One of the biggest mistakes parents make is relying entirely on one math teacher at school and maybe, and if they are lucky, some periodic time in a "gifted math" program or track.

Ideally your kids would have not just multiple math teachers/programs/curricula...but also a couple piano teachers, multiple Spanish teachers, have numerous friends, attend multiple churches, etc.

One simply cannot have too many irons in the fire. Dan Kennedy also says that, "The number 1 is the worst number in business" and that "diversity equals stability."

I believe the thieving gypsies call it a "diversified attack".

Another mistake is thinking your child can't move on to any 5th grade math content because they are still in 4th.

First, I will let you in on a little school/textbook secret - nearly 20% of each math grade level is REVIEW! [because of the summer slide]

I was teaching a Friday Night "Tiger Mom" math class years ago to a bunch of really smart, almost entirely Asian kids. But they were young - 3rd - 5th grade.

Anyways, as I was passing out an SAT exam (generally for grades 11+), a couple kids literally turned white in the face with fear.

Guess what. They actually could handle over 80% of the material already.

They were totally surprised and mind-blown.

I was not. Because I'm a pro.

5) Stalking

"Stalking is such a strong word. I prefer 'intense research of an individual'" - internet 

My teaching method is different and perhaps old school. I don't lecture. I assign terrific, mind-stretching problems and step back.

Of course I introduce concepts, I give hints, BUT I intentionally bite my tongue, a lot(!), so they can invest significant time wrestling with the material.

All other math teachers would stand up front and pontificate, I stalk the back of the classroom.  Lectures to the hypothetical "middle" of the class don't work. Never, ever did.

Individual grinding does. Because each of those kids is going at their own pace, is at the very frontier of their learning curves, and has unique obstacles to get through at that moment.

Remember, the "best" teacher is simply the one who simply helps their students to get the most reps in.

I bet you every single one of those 12 kids from that class of mine got a perfect score on the SAT!

One of them I already referenced in last week's email: ➕Math SPEED [no one talks about it, no one gets it, no one teaches it!]...

He's the young man who placed 2nd overall in New York's High School Math Championship.

Recall also that the best teacher I ever had, Mr. Sullivan from 👨‍🏫 Exam Answers ➕ Secrets of the Very Best Teachers was also a Stalker, with sky-high expectations - who got a crap-ton of work out of his students.

6) Verbalization

“You affect your subconscious mind by verbal repetition.” - W. Clement Stone 

I make all of my private math students verbalize each step when solving problems. They have to say, in perfect coordinated rhythm while they write it out:


“Three X minus seven equals seventeen...add seven to both sides...Three X = seventeen plus seven...Three X equals twenty-four...Divide both sides by three...X equals twenty-four divided by three...X equals eight.”

I also ask them out of the blue questions like, “What is a trapezoid?”, “Why do we factor polynomials?”, “How do you solve a system of linear equations?” I’m looking for fast, clear and accurate verbalized responses. And I harp on this until they can explain the material inside and out, up and down.

Verbalization hyper-accelerates math skills because it imposes the embedded logic of sentence structure on whatever crazy "new" thing they are trying to do. Verbalization aids memory AND deepens comprehension. Scientists say it's effective because it invokes a “multi-sensory” experience.

I've NEVER seen a teacher or tutor demand verbalization from a math student. NEVER. It's ridiculous.

The 100X Math Course teaches and also demands kids open their mouths and explain what they are doing. And there's a dedicated "mental math" module to it, too.

Ideally math exams in schools and elsewhere would be or have an "oral exam" component to them.  In fact, long before "#2 pencil bubble" testing, long before education became a "business"....I believe they did have a lot more oral exams.

So there you have it - 6 Secrets to Crushing Math!

Use Superior Curricula, do Longer Sessions, Start Earlier, Simultaneously use Multiple resources, hire or become a facilitating Stalker, and incorporate the Verbalization hack.

That's a good [secret] success formula for most endeavors, right?

I'll never forget that day that I came in first place out of 300 kids countywide - including beating the 5+ kids from my own school whom our coach thought and who were definitely smarter than me.

The pride and self-mastery I felt from that WIN produced a ripple effect that is still reverberating today, as I type this.

"If I had more time, I'd have written a shorter letter" - various

Yes, indeed. I wanted to share more details and ramifications about that victory of mine but, alas, I've said enough already in this email.

You only have 2 days left to make a decision - or at least to get the very best possible deal on the 100X Math Course and of course get your kiddos on a steeper path!

While you are contemplating and getting all stressed out because, well, math is STRESSFUL....many others are jumping on board.

Last night I got feedback from buyer Carol in the UK. Her 13 year old son was already working through the drills and material up past 11 pm at night.
If you have any questions about the 100X Math Course don't hesitate to ask.

But act fast!

Dan Louzonis
Manhattan, NY

PS.....All the prior, explanatory emails can be found, read, and re-read at the bottom of the webpage.
PPS....There are over 50 hours of content in it, already, and it's not even officially launched yet!

🌟6 Year Old Girl, Math Rock Star! [this morning's lesson inside]

Hi Moms and Dads,

There are only 2 Days left for you to scoop up the launch special price + BONUS with my brand new 100X Math Course.

Some inquiring minds have asked what the "1-on-1 lessons with Dan" look like. So here's an example. 

This morning's lesson was with a hyper-accelerated 6-year old girl doing the 1995 AMC 8 Exam (for 8th graders and below). Click the image to watch.
Her father weighs in:
If you watch the video you will notice that for 6 years old, her computational skills are VERY HIGH.

Also, her verbalization skills are also VERY HIGH.

That's because she's been on my protocol and following it to a T.

For how long? Well, not that long, she's only 6!

This is the type of content that's already brimming in the membership site. And will continue to be poured into it at a furious (exponential) rate.

What else about her?

Well, she's light years ahead of her peers in her Suzuki piano class...

And already doing real well in chess tournaments.

The foundation of it all is MATH.

When a child sucks at math, hates math, etc. Their intellectual foundation is being built on SAND.

But when they CRUSH it....they can build on and leverage it into success on numerous fronts.

There's only a short time left to get in, and LOCK IN this negligible ($79) price with the 100X Math Course...

As Bill said above, you can't find this ROADMAP anywhere else.

Really, it's a Treasure Map

Dan Louzonis 

PS....What do you think the young lady will score on this test in 7 years when she is an 8th grader???

PPS.....Notice that it's computation + verbalization....and now for her + "competition math". See the prior emails if you haven't already. They are all re-posted at the bottom of the webpage.

PPPS....That lesson was 1 hour and 10 minutes. Where else do you see 6 year olds doing math sessions that long??? I'm telling you, on my plan, and with my unparalleled HUMOR and ability to teach, kids can bear, enjoy, and LOVE math.

☠️ ☠️ ☠️ Friday Night Math Torture Chamber [how to stay out]

Hi Tiger Parent,

There is only 1 Day left for you to scoop up the launch special price + BONUS with my brand new 100X Math Course.

Years ago, as I was transitioning from trading derivatives to teaching kids and coaching parents...

I taught a Friday night "accelerated math" class out on Long Island - in a school district (Jericho) that according to at least one publication (Niche) is the #1 school district in the nation.

The class was from 7-9 pm on Friday nights. Ouch, right?

Can you think of anything more tortuous than having to deal with school BS, all week....homework, books to read, papers to write, pop-quizzes, and all sorts of coercion, lack of privacy, lack of freedom, "bullying", etc.....all aggravated by the growing pains, raging hormones, and awkwardness of adolescence?

But wait....it gets worse!

Those parents paid me to PUSH their kids. And I did. I gave them harder problems than they've ever seen and set a tempo they'd never experienced. I made their brains HURT!
Now they learned a TON and behaved themselves.

BUT make no mistake, they HATED to be there.

I remember my Friday nights in high school. I was so exhausted ("shattered" in the UK, lol) from pulling usually 2 all-nighters each week. I couldn't stay awake past 9 pm so I never did see the end of any of those TNT NBA games I theoretically would have enjoyed.

So why were these poor kids on Long Island (and around the globe) being tortured on Friday nights?
Well, because their #1 rated school system wasn't doing the job to the parents' satisfaction.

In fact, it was top-rated BECAUSE of the parents and IN SPITE of the school.

All those parents did was complain to me about, well, everything in their #1 rated school district. In fact, I hear the same stream of violent dissatisfaction from parents, still, all day, every single day.

I deeply respect all the Moms and Dad who push their kids, who invest in them, who want more than anything for them to succeed. Yeah, even if they may be using blunt instruments - like Friday night "cram schools" - which is what they are called in South Korea, I believe.

But clearly, this is a messed up situation.

If only those kids:

1) Started Earlier

2) Had a Better Teacher

3) Had a More Flexible (sleep-friendly) Program

If only those kids had the 100X Math Program! [only 1.5 days left] they wouldn't to endure the Friday night (or Saturday morning) torture chamber.

Because of technological progress and extreme, global competition... everything in our lives is getting BETTER and CHEAPER.

Education, real bona fide education is too - at least for those who know how to find it.

Click the button below. Join us, or waste a lot of money, waste a lot of time, endure a lot of torture, and fall further behind.

I'm looking for toddlers, calculus students, wannabe mathletes, kids preparing for the Math Level 2, exam....and everyone in between.

If you have any questions, just reply to this email.

Dan Louzonis
Manhattan, NY


PS....One of my students in that torture chamber was absolutely brilliant. I worked with him individually for 1.5 years. As a 9th grader, he came in 7th place in New York on the AMC 10 (10th grade and below). Get this, his STUPID #1 school district wouldn't even put him on the math team. Why? No freshmen allowed. #facepalm

PPS...In case you didn't see it in yesterday's email, below is a video of me teaching a hyper-accelerated 6 year old student. I'm introducing her, for the very first time, to the far superior curriculum of "competitive math". Her Friday nights will be pain-free! (↓click the image↓)
Her father weighs in:

🏆 Your Kids ➕ Me ➕ 100✖️ = Conquering the World of Math 🌏

Hi Tiger Parent,

There are only 15 hours left (maybe less) for you to get in on the launch special price + BONUS with my brand new 100X Math Course.

I'm a little bit overwhelmed (but excited) by the response, by how many families are jumping at the chance to Crush Math with me and my "holistic" program. (Double my initial projections, already!)

I'm running out the door. I know you are busy too. But please watch the 3 min 57 video below.
As good as Khan is....it's still imperfect.

To get the most out of it, one has to know how to use it - what sections to DO and which (crappy) ones they can safely SKIP.

They also need a real, expert voice to help them when they get STUCK on the more difficult material!

And of course they need to know what other highly effective resources, drills, worksheets, etc, they can and ought to use to crush math like a bug....to flick it away like a "fingertip booger".

Click this link - EinsteinBlueprint.com/math - follow my program, and I guarantee you that your kids will soar.

(no guarantees about the nose picking, though....some of these kids are incorrigible on that front!)

Dan Louzonis
Manhattan, NY


PS....Remember, the BONUS opportunity goes away, the dollar price will rise, AND the price of falling behind will escalate, too. I may even close the doors entirely for bit while I assimilate the launch "class".
Janice Chiang,
Queens, New York
 "I wish I could travel back 10 years and have met Dan earlier."
Jan Kindl,
CEO of Teksoft Ventures
"My only regret is I didn't meet Dan when my son was young..."
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