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The Einstein Blueprint™
The ULTIMATE cradle-to-valedictorian, cradle-to-tycoon, cradle-to-WINNER educational curriculum.  The EB is success "reverse-engineered" so that our kids can be taught only by the most successful people to have ever lived. 

EB members get everything: the 10X Homeschool, 100X Math, the Kids Get Rich Club, the 12 page monthly print magazine, the online EB Portal, regular webinars with EB All-Star tiger parents, AND 1-on-1 coaching with Dan Louzonis Click the link below to learn more:
EB Math Academy
How did Dan Louzonis get his son from counting at age 3.625 to algebra by age 5.125? And then to calculus by age 7?

And to scoring 35 out of 36 on the Math ACT...when he was only 12 years old AND hadn't done any math for nearly 4 years?

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Kids Get Rich Club
The only way our kids will ever have the time and money leverage that will allow them to maximize their full potential....is if they become high-flying, self-propelled entrepreneurs.  When you join John's Kids Get Rich Club, not only will your kids learn how to write and publish a book, how to sell things, how to start a their own podcast....they'll be introduced to over 100 INSPIRATIONAL stories of other kids who are already out there, making insane amounts of money. 

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That's Dan's son John back at age 6! (He has students now who are on an even faster pace!)

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