Book Your Consultation with Dan!
Math assessments of your kids, homeschool coaching, etc.
Phone, Online, or Come to Me
  • Recorded and shared with client.
  • Advantage: meeting my hyper-accelerated kids!
  • Advantage: seeing our edu-setup, touch our books, curricula, etc.
NYC-Area...I Come to You
  • Within a one hour radius of NYC...I come to you.
  • I often bring one of my kids for you to meet.
  • Outside NYC? Okay, email me before booking and we'll figure out.
Watch My 6-Year Old Son....Derive the Quadratic Formula!
Erin Wiegand,
Manhasset, New York
"I was really nervous to homeschool....Dan convinced me to make the leap...and it was the best decision I ever made."
Ilan Ferdman,
Satori Prime
"I’ve implemented just two of the things Dan suggested….and already seen a massive shift in my children!"

Angela Bilello,
Speech Language Pathologist
"Dan has given me the confidence to homeschool my son....his knowledge of homeschooling and education is unsurpassed!"
Janice Chiang,
Ivy League Parent
"I wish I could travel back 10 years and have met Dan earlier."
Dr. Joe Martin,
"I wish I had met Dan about 15 years ago..."

Jan Kindl,
CEO of Teksoft Ventures
"My only regret is I didn't meet Dan when my son was young..."
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